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Tiga-Med catheter tip syringes, sterile - 60 ml3 parts, guaranteed hospital quality1 piece pack
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This kit comes with all you need to mix your flavours... using our CONCENTRATES and UNFLAVOURED E-LIQUIDS ;) Kit Content:1x - Safety Glasses2x - 2.5ml syringe5x - 10ml bottles2x - Nitrile Gloves Worth £6.19 - Save 20%
Refill Syringe 2 x 2.5ml - E-cig accessories Refill Syringe 2 x 2.5ml - E-cig accessories
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Ideal for filling Cartomizers and tank cartridges. Pack of 2 x 2.5ml refill syringes and 2 flat tip needles.
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The long nozzle on these 50ml bottles are perfect for filling even the most difficult cartridges.