About E-Cigs

Ok, let us try and explain as simply as possible

Electronic cigarettes are basically similar to a tiny kettle; the battery provides the power to a heating element (coil head) which heats the e-liquid into a vapour. They are a device which enables the transfer of nicotine from the e-liquid to the brain without ingredients harmful to the human body, such as tar and carcinogenic substances.

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The model of electronic cigarette you choose will be down to personal preference. If you are unsure -  Give us a call we can advise you on the model that will best suit you.

So, what are the components and what do they do?


The Atomizer

The Atomizer or Coil head will be found within the Cartomizer, Clearomizer or Glassomizer (depending on which model you have). In the Kingo and Aspire range the coil head is replacable and can be accessed by unscrewing the base of the cartomizer from its casing. The coil head will lose efficiency over time (usually within 2-3 weeks) due to a buildup of sediment, or "burns out" entirely, requiring replacement. Unfortunatly they don't last forever.

The model of the cartomizer is really important to know when buying replacement coil heads due to their compatibility. For example: The Kingo cartomizer uses the Kingo Cartomizer coil head, The Kingo Clearomizer uses the Kingo Clearomizer coil head, The Aspire K1 uses the Aspire BVC coil heads and so on.

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The Battery

This is the largest of the e-cig components and usually has a button, which when pressed will allow power to be passed through to the Cartomizer unit and in to the Coil head (atomizer) creating vapourisation of the e-liquid.

Most Electronic cigarette batteries are rechargeable lithium ion and are measured in mAh.

mAh stands for milli Ampere hour or milli Amp hour. It is a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. If you think of a battery as a small fuel storage tank, which in a sense it is, mAh is the measure of how much "fuel" the battery holds. The higher the mAh the longer you will go between charges.

The button on the battery must be pressed during inhallation. A led light on the button will light up showing that the unit is operative. The Batteries have a saftey feature called the "5 button shut off/on sequence" if when you first recieve your new battery, there are no LED lights on when you press the button; the chances are that the battery is off. All you need to do is press the button 5 times within 2 seconds - it may take a couple of goes to get the correct sequence speed!

We ask that you do not leave you battery unattended whilst charging.

For more information on Battery & Charger warranties please visit the "Returns" section of the website.